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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Engagement Still Reigns

We keep our skills sharp by tracking what’s happening with organizational and leadership development. The findings of the recent survey by Human Resource Executive® are right in line with our discussions. Here’s what’s going on:

Top 3 Issues Companies Are Facing Right Now

1) Employee Engagement

2) Developing Leaders

3) Retaining Key Talent as the Economy Recovers

In the last issue of Achieve Your Potential, we discussed organizational development trends that are leading companies to build planning and development initiatives to encourage employee loyalty. The steadily improving economy is creating greater opportunities for today’s workers. The number-one reason people move on is lack of engagement.

JD Coaching and Consulting are experts at helping organizations identify ways to engage employees and help them achieve their potential. We know that engaged employees tend to be loyal employees. Let’s keep the conversation going.

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