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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leadership Trends: A Shortage of Good Managers?

JD Coaching and Consulting is an organization development firm that helps nonprofit and executive leaders, their teams and key contributors to improve performance. We keep our skills sharp by tracking leadership development trends.

Nowadays, many extremely talented individuals choose the path of entrepreneurship over the more traditional corporate ladder climb. What does that mean for corporations? Oftentimes, this means there are fewer talented managers available to take the lead. So if outsourcing capable managers is no longer an option, what should corporations do? Simply put, they should grow their own.

Your organization needs an effective and clear program to successfully nurture leadership development from within. Do you have clear training programs in effect? The ability to maximize individual and team potential is strongly correlated with sustained performance, growth and success. Do you have questions about developing your key people? Contact JD Coaching and Consulting.

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