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Monday, September 16, 2013

Building for Success with Solid Structure

Nonprofit boards must create a structure along with policies and procedures that support good governance. Structure is more than just the size of your board; to be efficient and successful, boards must develop a solid committee and meeting structure and ensure the board’s time is utilized well.

Questions to address:
  • How large should your board be?
  • How many board committees should exist to be most effective?
  • How long should a board member serve?
  • How can your board organize its meeting to be most efficient?
  • How often should meetings be held and how long should they be?
  • How do you ensure the discussions taking place in your board’s meetings are of quality and helping promote the mission, vision and assets of the organization your board’s serves?
JD Coaching and Consulting works with boards to help them structure themselves to achieve their potential. Structure is one-fifth of the Pentagon of Performance—an instrument developed by JD Coaching and Consulting after conducting extensive research on board performance. Download highlights from the benchmark study conducted by JD Coaching and Consulting.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore the various dimensions of the Pentagon of Performance and how it affects your board. Meanwhile, let’s keep the conversation going.

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