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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Organizational Development Trends: Building Loyalty

JD Coaching and Consulting is an organization development firm that helps nonprofit and executive leaders, their teams and key contributors to improve performance. We keep our skills sharp by tracking what’s happening with organizational and leadership development. The training and development sector has always fluctuated along with industry and workforce trends. What are some of the shifts of note right now?

Most financial experts agree that the economy has dramatically improved. This means that not only are many individuals  feeling more secure in their positions but that there are also more opportunities available. This shift has led to training and development efforts centered on increasing employee loyalty in order to reduce turnover.

The goal of these initiatives is to leverage human relationships—to build stronger ones between the company itself and high-performing workers—in order to promote engagement and improve retention. What do you think of this mentality? Will it be effective?

JD Coaching and Consulting are experts at helping organizations identify ways to engage employees and help them achieve their potential. We know that engaged employees tend to be loyal employees. Let’s keep the conversation going.

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