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Monday, August 25, 2008

Jodi Davis Featured Speaker at Best Buy’s WOLF Changes World Conference in Boston

Jodi Davis presented at Best Buy’s third annual WOLF Changes World conference held in Boston August 20-22 to an audience of 600. Her workshop titled “Leadership: The Promise of Potential” was aligned with the theme of the conference: unleashing potential of women leaders. The conference had nearly 3,000 attendees, predominantly women employees of Best Buy and participants in the WOLF program.

“Best Buy is one of the best examples of how leaders serve their employees to unleash individual potential and achieve magnificent results,” said Davis. “I help companies and individuals realize similar results. The first message I share is ‘It’s possible.’”

Davis’ presentation on leadership focused on identity, authenticity, vision and action. These are pillars of Davis’ book, The Promise of Potential. Best Buy provided everyone who attended Davis’ presentation a copy of The Promise of Potential to reinforce the workshop content and sustain learning.

One attendee said to Davis after the presentation, “The timing of this was perfect! You helped me to know what I need to do to change my life. I am inspired to achieve my potential!”

More than 20,000 Best Buy employees and 2,700 supporters outside the company (including Davis) participate in the WOLF program, which is in its third year. WOLF is an initiative to “develop amazing leaders while driving significant business results.” The WOLF conference will be held in Seattle in 2009. To learn more about WOLF, visit

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