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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Basis of Success: Board Composition

Composition is the foundation of board performance, and it has a strong correlation to a board’s engagement—its ability to work together to be effective. Composition of the board defines who the directors are and their capabilities. A board is really nothing more than the collection of its members and their attributes and skills:
  • Leadership
  • Competency (diversity of skill sets) and expertise
  • Capacity to give (time and money)
  • Capacity to get (resources, donors, etc.)
JD Coaching & Consulting developed a Board Performance Assessment that helps identify a board’s proficiencies and deficiencies and then offers key solutions to better serve their organization. Targeted recommendations concerning what type of additions your board could benefit from can make an enormous difference. With a better balance of skills and connections within the community, your low- or average-performing board can become a high-performing one. Download highlights from our benchmark study to see an example.

How can your board be more effective? Let’s keep the conversation going.

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