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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Different Offices for Different Cultures

Organization and placement can dramatically affect the ambiance and workflow of a workplace. Interestingly, culture influences how we work, and this spills over to how we organize our workspaces. Check out some of the differences in how we interact and how we organize our offices worldwide:

United States: Fewer cubicles and more flexibility translates to workers having increased freedom in  selecting an environment that fits their task. Open spaces allow easy transitioning between individual work and teamwork.

Russia: Group teamwork is emphasized, but departments are separated. There is little interaction between employees and executives.

Great Britain: British offices tend to prefer environments that promote collaboration and creativity, so executives make their workspace accessible to employees at all levels.

China: An office's tradition and history is represented by its appearance. High-level offices are symbolic of order and stability. Video conferencing plays a large role, using body language to further communicate across the world.

Refer to Christine Congdon and Catherine Gall's sleek and interactive piece from Harvard Business Review to learn more.

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