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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Collaboration: How Does Your Board of Directors Rank?

Collaboration has a wide-ranging, comprehensive influence on your board of directors. It encompasses the ability of your directors to work together as well as your board’s ability to work successfully with the organization's executive management, with organizational stakeholders and with the community.

There is a strong link between board collaboration, composition and its overall effectiveness. At its core, collaboration is about individuals working together for a common purpose. Do you have the right individuals in place? And are you giving them the tools they need to collaborate effectively?

Improving board collaboration involves setting clear expectations and board training on the importance of involvement and advocacy. It also means building consensus, commitment and a community of support. Although these involve your board as a whole, the traits start with the individual.

JD Coaching and Consulting developed the Pentagon of Performance after conducting an extensive survey on board performance. Collaboration is one-fifth of a framework that measures the strength of nonprofit boards. Stay tuned as we continue to explore the various dimensions of the Pentagon of Performance and how it affects your board. Download highlights from the benchmark study conducted by JD Coaching and Consulting.

How does the collaboration of your board measure against high-performing boards? Contact JD Coaching and Consulting to learn more.

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