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Monday, April 29, 2013

Communicating Across Cultures: 5 Quick Tips

Bill Gates recently made headlines with a prime example of why cultural intelligence is so important in our modern world.

Gates is known for his hand-in-pocket handshake, but South Koreans perceived the casual greeting as rude.

Are your words or intentions getting lost or misinterpreted across cultural boundaries? Here are five very quick tips for communicating in unfamiliar territory:

1. Be respectful and courteous
2. Be a good listener
3. Keep casual communication to a minimum
4. Ask and learn
5. Watch and learn

There is much to be gained from patience and careful observation when you’re interacting with a culture foreign to you. We look forward to discussing topics like this over the course of 2013. Want to know a little more about indirect versus direct communication? Read more.

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