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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Five Tips for a Fabulous Résumé

Today recruiters are speaking out—they want to see a résumé that is clear, concise, comprehensive, current and clean. As a résumé writer, I've worked with professionals at all levels of the employment spectrum, from new college grads to senior executives. They all share a similar need: to craft a  résumé that will successfully advance their career goals.

Writing about our own strengths and accomplishments is a challenge. Some lack clarity on which transferable skills and talents will actually attract prospective employers. Others draft pages of detailed career-related duties and responsibilities that drown out their true value and employability. Many make a similar mistake by writing about their own goals and objectives, failing to focus on the employer’s needs.

What makes for a winning résumé ? My general recommendation is to do the following: be authentic, have integrity and present yourself with passion. When JD Coaching & Consulting works with clients, we tailor our services to their specific needs. A résumé service that touts the hundreds and thousands of people they've helped is likely developing boilerplate résumés. While it may be helpful for some job seekers, often more personalized service is required.

Follow these top recruiter tips* to create a résumé that resonates:
  1. Be clear about the qualifications you offer, including career experiences and transferable skills.
  2. Be concise and articulate measurable achievements. Fluffy adjectives will dilute the power of your accomplishments.
  3. Provide a comprehensive summary of your career—education, employment, advanced training, awards and contributions.
  4. Keep your résumé current with your most recent position, knowledge and successes. Even if you are not looking for a new position right now, keep a personal log and track current work details that will ultimately strengthen your next job search.
  5. Design a résumé that is clean. The document needs to have significant white space, which will make it easier to read. A cramped résumé will get crumpled quickly!
Remember that while your résumé is an essential element of a career strategy, networking is also critically important to your success. People read résumés, people open doors, and people are the ones who offer jobs. Be sure to network with people during your search!

When we are contracted to write a résumé, we offer a great perspective that the individual rarely gets otherwise along with top-notch writing. We keep you on track in your job search. Executives who utilize the services of a résumé writer are not only saving time, but are also adding value to their career advancement. Spend your time and money wisely. Instead of preoccupying yourself writing your own résumé , network and meet that next great opportunity!

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* These tips are assembled from a variety of sources and have been consistently mentioned as important components of a  résumé .

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