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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

‘Tis the Season to Help Nonprofits Achieve their Potential

November 16, 2011 was known as "Give to the Max Day" – a highly publicized fundraising event created to call to action Minnesotans for support of their local charities. This "Great Minnesota Give Together" was declared a success when more than 47,500 donors raised $13,414,253 for community nonprofit organizations. Because of the unprecedented generosity of these thousands of donors, millions of dollars will be invested in almost 4000 nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of life for all Minnesotans.
The success of "Give to the Max Day" is significant in light of today's economic environment when the need for the services that nonprofit organizations provide has steadily increased. As public and private funding decreases, nonprofits are forced to do more with less.
This is the time of year when holiday giving further accentuates the importance of the work of nonprofits. With bells ringing, carolers singing, and donation requests flooding our mailboxes, we can't miss the fact that charities are an integral and necessary part of our life. Charitable organizations need us to give to ensure their sustainability. Nonprofits don't just need money; they need dedicated volunteers who give their valuable time and expertise.
Perhaps most importantly, nonprofits need competent and committed leaders who are willing to serve on their board of directors. This is clearly a time when the leadership of nonprofits must rise up and strategically advance their organizations to the next level in order to successfully fulfill the mission and achieve the vision.
I have had the privilege of serving as a director on five nonprofit boards. I also had the opportunity to be the executive director of a prominent Minnesota nonprofit agency and most recently my company has enjoyed consulting with nonprofit organizations in our community. From each of these perspectives, I have learned a great deal about the roles, responsibilities and dynamics of boards and nonprofit executive leaders.
I look forward to sharing with you more about the insights I have gained in the next several blogs that will be dedicated to helping nonprofit leaders achieve their potential.

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